Accommodation in India

Resort in India

Our direct partner is located at the feet of the Himalayas Mountains in India. The unique location allows you to facilitate detox experiences and meditation, but also yoga and wellness treatments. 




A search for equilibrium, learning and the inner journey are at the heart of this unique wellness resort. Reflecting on our first few years, we believe that we have achieved something unprecedented in wellbeing.

We strive for equilibrium and wellbeing that is whole, at times by going against the current. Our ambition is to make Vana a place of learning, where all who visit can contribute and share. Vana never intended to exclude; we want all to benefit from our commitment to transform. Vanavasis, team members and friends are invited to walk on the Vana journey with us.

Authentic traditions of wellness, medicine and wisdom have been brought together at Vana with creative thought, deep commitment and personalised support. These exist in spaces that are homage to nature and the sublime. Nourishing cuisine, experiences for all the senses and a kind-hearted team complete the offering that is Vana. Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa and Yoga have been thoughtfully integrated, yet rooted in their individual authenticity. Vana believes that by aspiring to achieve our best spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual self, we can live life more wholesomely. 

Vana is beyond conventional labelling, and it is best understood by how we define it. We see wellness as a choice, a set of tools and a means to achieve a coherent state of wellbeing. This harmonious state is rooted in spiritual wisdom for which physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is extremely helpful. With the recurring demands and stress placed on us by an intense and ever-changing world, our wellbeing requires continuous attention, care and effort. Vana provides many personal paths to address this necessity. Our wellbeing is also influenced by our environment, relationships and society. Indian Wisdom expounds that a deeper spiritual journey is only possible when we understand our inextricable interdependence with everything.

Vana’s journey is evolving in different ways. In what has become a world constantly in flux and with India trying to craft its future, we wish to play our part. Indian Wisdom and traditions, farming and food, creative arts and the youth, are becoming areas of deep interest for Vana. Some of Vana’s new endeavours are being manifested through the Vana Foundation. These include Vidyaloke, the Siddhartha Festival, Vana Krishi, community and books projects. Some of Vana’s other initiatives include its product range Vanaveda and aspirations in the areas of Indian tradition, cuisine and culture. All of Vana’s activities work towards its vision – to be of service and enhance wellbeing and Vana Foundation’s aspiration to revive Indian wisdom in contemporary India.

As we explore interesting paths, we remain focussed on our home and source of inspiration, Vana in Dehradun, India. Our aspiration is to make Vana a singular institution in the world and a place from where many positive activities spring forth. We will become more inclusive and find unique ways to become relevant to young people too. Learning, teaching, music, creating, exchanging ideas and deeper spiritual practice shall steadily become a greater part of life at Vana.

We offer our prayers to nature and the great teachers that impart wisdom, seeking their support and blessings, for the strength and ability, to serve and benefit all beings.