Luxury Accommodation in Rome

This fantastic accommodation is a unique opportunity to spend your time in Rome in a luxury boutique hotel and at the same time being flabbergasted by a stunning art gallery inside your accommodation.


In the heart of Rome, on the third floor of a classic building overlooking Piazza di Spagna, is an Exclusive Boutique Hotel and a Gallery. 


PiazzadiSpagna9 welcomes you with warm hospitality and conviviality to an enfolding suite of six private guest rooms, an eclectic living room and a Wellness Center in 400 m² of an historic private building. Art installations, bespoke pieces and limited edition artworks make it a real Global Art Gallery, constantly evolving, where you can take home the piece that have touched you. The new place in town to see and be seen. Where space and time have no boundaries, where happiness is not an aim but a side effect.


Rome welcomes the finest and the most versatile Boutique Hotel we’ve ever known. In the name of art, design and flawless hospitality, Piazzadispagna9 is an exclusive Town House where you spend time, but also an Art and Design Gallery in which to be surprised by new creations.


At number 9, on the third floor of Piazza di Spagna you will find private guest rooms, an eclectic living room and a Wellness Center.

Art installations, bespoke pieces and limited edition artworks will surround you in this unique travel experience. Piazzadispagna9 is a Global Art Gallery, constantly evolving, where you can also purchase.


But do not expect just a Boutique Hotel, Piazzadispagna9 is the most visionary Space in Rome, where you can also participate in exhibition and performance art. Nothing in it is fixed, everything is constantly changing. Only the elegance and professionalism of its impeccable hospitality will always be the same.


The fluidity of space and the theatricality of furniture amaze. A sensual rationality where a warm and sophisticated atmosphereinteracts with the rigor and the linearity of the design objects.


Stefania Grippo is the mind, the heart and the soul of Piazzadispagna9. Evolving experience and experimentation by Stefania in interior design is always conducted with skilled craftsmen, designers and artists. 


Please visit the incredible and of unique beauty exhibition of Stefania, Manager and Owner of Piazza di Spagna9: 


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