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special services

Voyemo offers very special experiences during your journey, for example a personal photographer, a personal fitness trainer, a private yoga teacher, a private driver, individual sailboat tours, concierge & butler, a private chef or a candle light dinner.

personal photographer

photo camera in hand against glaring sunshine

While you enjoy very special moments and stunning views, a professional photographer will capture these most precious moments for you.


This expert will take brilliant pictures of you and your loved one/s in the best lighting and scene, so you can focus on creating those wonderful memories.


Along with the most fascinating views of your chosen destination, an album of your perfect vacation will be sent to your home to add your new memories to your touchable photo collection..

romantic dinner

A very special dinner for very special occasions: to propose to your soul-mate or simply to enjoy an unforgettable evening – far away from the hustle and bustle of crowded places - indulge yourself and your loved one/s with a very special present,


Imagine yourself on a deserted beach during sunset, on a private terrace with a sea view or in a colorful flower garden.


 The beauty of such moments arises through the harmony of candle light, a breeze from the sea, culinary delights, and the smooth sounds of a musician or summery chirping of crickets. This is precisely what Voyemo Specials stand for.

Sailboat cruises

We offer sailboat services all over Europe and worldwide. We recommend sailboat cruises especially in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, Croatia and Latin America. 

Feel free to ask our team for more information!



Personal Chef

Our team will be very glad to provide you with a private chef during your holiday or for a special dinner with your best friends and family. Ask our team for more details, we work with a large network of chefs worldwide!

private driver

Our team will be very glad to provide you with a private driver during your holidays.

Ask our team for more details, we work with a large network of private drivers worldwide!

Driving a Ferrari

Our partner in Maranello allows you and your family to spend 1 or more days driving though unique scenic routes in Italy. Our team will be glad to offer you more details and to organize your special experience with a Ferrari.

Ask our team for more details!