A French outpost in the Caribbean Sea with lush nature, pristine beaches and perfect diving conditions

Martinique, part of the Lesser Antilles chain, is an island in the Eastern Caribbean that belongs to France.
Located northeast of the South American continent, it is one of the so-called Windward Islands.

Martinique, one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean

Because of its volcanic origin, Martinique is rich in mountains and verdant hills: a stupendous destination for those who love nature and exotic locations!
Martinique’s beaches share the Caribbean’s typical traits, boasting powdery white sand and pure, crystal clear, extraordinarily beautiful waters. This is what makes the island one of the best places for diving in the Caribbean.

Why choose Martinique for your next travel?

Choosing Martinique as a vacation spot is not like picking any Caribbean trip. Voyemo holds preferential relationships with exclusive properties such as “The Bahi Villa”, a splendid resort designed to provide relaxing vacation experiences immersed in an unspoiled natural environment.

Adventure lovers will enjoy the variety of exciting options proposed by the Voyemo team, and those who want to learn how to dive in the Caribbean can attend classes at an island-based diving school! Experience the thrill of exploring Martinique below the water line! And there’s more: this island is not only one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean, it’s also the perfect place to go sailing and play golf.

Les Trois-Îlets



The perfect place to stay and to explore Martinique, the island of beautiful flowers, beaches & excellent hospitality.

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Riccardo Barile - Managing Director

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