Wellbeing & Health Retreat at Chenot Palace

Detox. Energise. Perform. "A healthy body needs inner harmony." - Henri Chenot

On the shores of picturesque Lake Lucerne, in the historic Swiss village of Weggies with a view of the majestic Rigi and Pilatus mountains, lies the Chenot Palace health and wellness retreat.
Here you can relax all around, feel good and find yourself.
Chenot Palace is a place where you can nurture your body and soul, regenerate and rejuvenate yourself. Here, the philosophy of Henri Chenot is lived, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and involves both the body and the mind.

Chenot Palace uses the Chenot Method®, a holistic approach that has been tried and tested for 50 years, to restore or optimise your physical and mental performance at every stage of life.
Using cutting-edge diagnostics, your individual state of health is first analysed. Based on this, you will receive an individually tailored, holistic treatment programme with preventative health measures. During the treatments, you will be shown how to make lasting adjustments to your lifestyle.

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A certain amount of renunciation goes hand in hand with this.
The basis is provided by a low-calorie, plant-based diet that activates the body’s own fasting mechanism and at the same time guarantees an adequate supply of nutrients. The latest scientific research on food selection and preparation is incorporated into the daily detox menu sequence, for which only high-quality organic ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and alkaline properties are used. This is done in combination with the application of the latest scientific developments in Western medicine and diagnostics (including epigenetics) as well as the findings of Chinese (TCM) and alternative medicine.
As Chenot Group’s Scientific Director and COO, Dr George Gaitanos, puts it, “At Chenot, we don’t focus on lifespan, we focus on health span, and therefore the concept of staying healthy as long as possible as we age.”

The hotel features elegant suites and rooms, private terraces, living rooms and beautiful lake views in a luxurious setting.
A state-of-the-art medical spa stimulates all the senses, enhances your well-being and lets you fully enjoy the moments dedicated to yourself.

Together with our direct contacts at Chenot Palace, we will help you find the perfect program and accommodation in this unique centre of health and well-being.
Receive exclusive benefits by booking with Voyemo such as a Spa treatment voucher and additional amenities by choosing a comfortable suite as your elegant and lush accommodation during your stay.

Chenot programmes (7 nights, treatments & detox diet):

  • Advanced Detox: Activate your body’s own self-healing powers. This programme is suitable for everyone, especially those who want to maintain a healthier lifestyle and sit a lot in everyday life.
  • Recover & Energise: Are there too many stress factors in your life – due to work or high physical strain? Give yourself a break and immediately recharge your energy. (Optimal for burnout prevention)
  • Prevention & Ageing Well: For all those who already lead a very conscious lifestyle (sport, nutrition, work-life balance) Optimise your performance level!
Riccardo Barile - Managing Director

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