Costa Rica

A year-round destination

Looking forward to discovering some of the most beautiful luxury accommodation Costa Rica? Crown your visit and choose where to stay among typical hotels, lodges, suites and much more.

Deciding where to stay during your visit to Costa Rica is one of the most difficult questions when you are planning your travel. In fact, choosing from the hundreds of accommodation choices that Costa Rica offers you can be really hard: Mountain Lodges, hotels, luxury hotel options in the city, mountains and beach, comfortable lodges for a quiet getaway or honeymoon. We’ve selected some luxury accommodation Costa Rica, each of them unique and incredible to help you finding the best solution for your stay.

Costa Rica is a year-round destination, with a peak season during Christmas and New Years. We can help you plan your trip in advance, at least 3 or 4 months in low season and six-eight months in high season (December to March). We can create a tailor-made itinerary, with the best luxury accommodation Costa Rica that will cover the main destinations and places of this incredible country.

Sustainable accommodation: this relation became extremely relevant in Costa Rica over the past years. The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) developed the Certified Sustainable Tourism (CST) programme for tourism companies with the objective of categorizing and differentiating Costa Rican hotels according to the degree to which their operation approaches a model of sustainability in its management of natural, cultural and social resources.

Our resort and 5 star hotels in Costa Rica selection perfectly reflect the current classification standards of the official Costa Rican Tourism Board.

We have partnerships with many accommodations and resorts and would like to feature the following for this destination:


Arenal Springs resort: view from the top

Arenal Spring

Arenal Springs’ thermal springs are extremely rich in natural salts, calcium, magnesium and chlorulus, are one hundred percent natural and come from the underground springs of the nearby Arenal Volcano.

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Arenal Volcano National Park

Nayara Resort: suite terrace

Nayara Resort Arenal Volcano

The valued staff is the soul of Nayara, and perfectly embodies the vision of hospitality made with passion.

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almonds and corals hotel costa rica: details

Almonds & Corals

Almonds and Coral nestled in the lush jungle of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica, offers three in one unique destination as it is part exclusive Caribbean resort, part safari camp and part environmentally conscious boutique hotel.

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Provincia de Guanacaste

Costa Rica Dreams Las Mareas: swimmingpool

Dream las Mareas resort

Dreams Las Mareas is a perfect destination for couples, singles and families who are looking for a luxurious and relaxing beach vacation.

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Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa: suite details

Papagayo Beach Secrets Resort

Located at the top of the Jan Thiel area, the detached villas at Papagayo Beach Resort offer a modern atmosphere with a hint of tropical elegance.

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San José

Hotel Grano De Oro: terrace details

Grano de Oro Hotel

In Costa Rica, the term “Grano de Oro” is used to refer to the coffee bean, their “Golden Grain.” The founders of this boutique hotel were passionate about the idea that such a small fruit could be so valuable.

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Riccardo Barile - Managing Director

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