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Interested in how to get to Faroe Islands? We’ve prepared this short but informative guide to help you out!

The Faroe Islands are a small archipelago hidden in the North Atlantic. With a population of 50,000 people and 80,000 sheep, it is a truly unique and secluded natural paradise. The 18 islands are combined 1399 km2 – less than half the size of Long Island in New York. Politically and socially, the country is a Nordic country with values and welfare similar to neighboring Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, etc.
The fishing industry and the economy are entirely intertwined, with ~99% of Faroese export being fish. In fact, Faroe Island salmon is known all over the world for its superior quality and taste.

The Faroe Islands history is rich and colorful. The first settlers came around the year 700, and the Faroese population today stems mainly from Vikings, which inhabited the country around the year 1000.
The scenic landscapes are unrivaled (see for yourself!). The wildlife is untamed (although no animals in the Faroes are dangerous to humans). The culture and culinary traditions are still pure and unspoiled.

How to get to Faroe Islands? This is a frequently asked question, but the truth is that with a little support and help of a trusted travel consultant, it can be really easy and super fun!
We, at Voyemo, do our best to support and create the best tailor made experience for your visit to the Faroe Islands. You can easily fly to Vagar airport (with direct flight from UK, Denmark, Norway and Island), and from there you can personalize your itinerary.

4 good reasons to visit the Faroe Islands

First, the landscapes are incredibly dramatic, and hiking around will make you feel like you truly are in a fairytale world. Second, the culinary scene is unique and daring with delicious dried and fermented foods expanding travelers’ taste horizon, in addition to world-class seafood… and they have the world-renowned 2-star Michelin restaurant, KOKS. Third, the culture and way of life are very intriguing for outsiders, and the strong connection and hospitality of Faroese locals make a strong impression on travelers. Finally, for travelers looking from some peace-and-quiet, there are arguably fewer places in the world where it is as easy to escape and where the air is as refreshing as in the Faroe Islands.

Riccardo Barile - Managing Director

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