Voyemo - bespoke travel design

We are dedicated travel specialists who hand-customize your unforgettable travel experience: from mere consultation to organized tailored and unique, high level, or luxury trips. Voyemo is your expert travel agency: Regardless whether you just need a few good suggestions, a wonderful select accommodation, or special services such as a personal photographer, a chauffeur, or a private dinner at the beach, or a gay-friendly destination trip.

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Voyemo is a group of Travel Advisors who can provide different kinds of travel experiences:

Voyemo is ready to plan your entire holiday or to only book your wonderful accommodation or a single special service at your holiday destination:


Our team of travel specialists will provide truly individual travel experiences. Direct contact with you will enable us to find the perfect destination and the best accommodation as well as wonderful activities to help you realize your unforgettable experience. You will not get a standard holiday package and you do not have to spend your own valuable time to search through a myriad of options out there. Voyemo will fully support you before, during and after your holiday to offer you the best possible travel experience. You will find travel suggestions in our recommendations.

... each journey is filled with emotions, with us, these emotions will become an eternal memory ...