Arguably the most beautiful beaches of Europe and some of the best sea food ever

Sardinian coastline is so different from one coast to another and offers so many solutions that one single holiday will not be enough. It will only give you the input to and the curiosity to discover more: one visiting the island once, will visit it again and again!
You may know that the Nuraghi are one of the symbols of Sardinia – but not everybody knows that they testify a thousand year old history. Experience the pleasure of visiting these megalithic monuments spread all over the island!
Even though Sardinian culinary tradition is very different accross the region, there are some delicacies that you can taste everywhere: The wide choice of starters, of course, with local cheeses, sausages and olives, the suckling pig, the “malloreddus” kind of pasta, and the seadas (delicious dessert with fresh cheese and honey). In any case, do not miss ordering a good bottle of local wine or a shot glass of chilled Mirto liqueur.

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