Picturelike landscapes, from Val D'Orcia to Florence, beauty wherever you look

Tuscany landscapes are iconic and diverse. Synonymous with good life and pleasure. This is a place where nature has been generous and where in turn, it has been respected.
For many, Val d’Orcia is the very image of what Tuscany is all about. A dreamlike country of wide verdant hills dotted with cypress trees, a place where landscape becomes poetry.
Its colours are famous. Impossibly green in springtime and intense burned yellow hues in Summer or Autumn, with solitary ochre houses standing on top of hills, flanked by giant cypresses that reach upward to the sky. See it for yourself and you will understand why so many films have been shot there and why artists come to Tuscany from all over the world in search of inspiration.
The Chianti landscape is hilly, woody and handsome. It’s an area where the land has been put to work, devoted to the production of top quality olive oil and prestigious wine. Vineyards and olive groves crowd the hills and valleys in an elegant succession of green.

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